About Ian Josey

I’m Ian, video editor and Creator Based in North Carolina.

I create video content for broadcast, web, and social. I have edited films for dozens of organizations, from non-profits to Fortune-500 companies. My work has aired on national television and has racked up millions of views across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. I am an expert in the Adobe Creative Suite and DaVinci Resolve. I am as confident behind a camera as I am in the edit suite. I have ample on-set experience that includes sound mixing, DIT, grip, and crew management. I am comfortable operating a variety of cinema cameras, including Canon, Sony and BlackMagic Design platforms. 

By day, I work as a staff online assistant editor at Trailblazer Studios on shows like Sister Wives and 7 Little Johnstons. Outside of work, I spend my time as director of photography at Walkosey Productions brushing up on the newest filmmaking tech so I can always stay on top of the latest trends. I love gardening with my wife Hannah, and riding classic motorcycles.

My goal is to take my work to the next level technically and creatively with every project. I provide video production services across North Carolina.

I am a licensed drone pilot under the FAA Commercial UAS Regulations (Part 107).

Contact me at (336) 608-8095 or igjosey@gmail.com for pricing information.